Attention Visitors and/or New Registered Members

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Attention Visitors and/or New Registered Members

Post by Skittles on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:05 am

Attention Visitors and/or New Registered Members

I started to create this forum years ago, but stopped while still under construction. I apologize for the mess, making it hard to view anything in here and find the appropriate buttons on the bar, but it seems my co-admin who helped in creating the "look" of this forum had hosted most of the images for the bars, buttons, links, etc and has since deleted them from his image hosting site or changed hosting sites.

If you find this type of forum interesting and a need for it due to lack of good ones like this, currently available online, then please send me a private message & comment here, and I will consider finishing this forum, advertise it and get it up and running.

Thanks! founder and administrator


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